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Willie Ashman Original Jazzband is over 25 years Entertainment in Dixie.
6 expierienced musicians are still playing with pleasure and all their heart this unforgettable music.

The band can play 365 days a year where ever you want to.
Most musians have played over 40 years in excellent Jazzbands.
Until now Willie Ashman has played in Sweden, Switserland, Germany, Austria, Belgium and off course on most Jazzfestivals and in Jazzclubs in Holland.

Strength of the band;

Bas Toscani                 Trompet / vocals

Wim Vreeburg          Clarinet / Saxophone

Henk van Muijen     Trombone / vocals


Harry Hack                 Trombone / vocals

Rob ten Seldam        Banjo/Guitar / vocals

Louis v d Heiden       Drums / Washboard

Luuk Jellema              Doublebass / Sousafoon


Wim Vreeburg
Tel: (0031)-06-55555649

Van Kingsbergenlaan 10
2253 XH

Dixieland Jazz muziek